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10 653 A B SEALERS SERVICE KITS Key Sealing Length Stock Number $ Stock Number $ A 4" 4694100-S 62.90 4695000-S 9.30 A 8" 4694200-S 81.10 4695100-S 13.70 A 12" 4694300-S 127.00 4695200-S 18.20 A 16" 4694400-S 176.00 4695300-S 20.20 B 8" 4694500-S 159.00 4695500-S 15.90 B 12" 4694700-S 217.00 4695600-S 17.80 B 16" 4694900-S 276.00 4695400-S 27.10 Roll WxL Gauge Stock Number $ Roll 10"x3500' 75 5841200-S 132.00 12"x3500' 75 5841300-S 153.00 14"x3500' 75 5841400-S 177.00 16"x3500' 75 5841500-S 203.00 18"x3500' 75 5841600-S 228.00 Overall LxWxH Stock No. $ 10x3x8" 5841800-S 68.20 Sealing Length Stock No. $ 18" 5841700-S 519.00 Packaging | SHIPPING SUPPLIES Ships same day for 1–3 day delivery Ships 1–5 days RECYCLABLE TRACO Hotshot ™ Heat Gun Creates tamper-resistant seals around packages. Two-speed fan. Variable temperature up to 1100°F. UL- and ULC-approved. 120V. IN STOCK. TRACO SuperSealer ™ Shrink Film System Seals any shape product up to 22" wide. Adjustable LED timer. Heat gun plugs into main unit. Includes cut and seal machine and heat gun. UL- and ULC-listed. Made in USA. IN STOCK. TRACO Polyolefin Shrink Wrap Film 100% recyclable. Excellent clarity and strength. Center-fold. Materials have been approved to meet FDA standards. IN STOCK. Impulse Heat Sealers Keep parts secure with a tamperproof seal. No warm-up needed. Service kits include: two wires, two upper PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) glass cloth tape covers and one lower PTFE glass cloth tape cover. (B) has built-in cutter. UL- and ULC-listed. ISO-9002 certified. IN STOCK.

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