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120 2 Overall WxDxH Inside WxDxH Shelf Cap. Lbs. Shelf Qty. SLANTED SHELF FLAT SHELF Stock No. $ Stock No. $ 52x28x78" 48x24x72" 1000 3 3026900-T 979.00 3027100-T 985.00 76x28x78" 72x24x72" 1000 3 3027000-T 1190.00 3027200-T 1195.00 GRAVITY FLOW RACK OPTIONAL WOOD DECK Overall WxDxH Shelf Cap. Lbs. Level Quantity Roller Levels Stock Number $ Overall WxD Stock Number $ 96x36x84" 1000 4 3 5792300-V 943.00 96x36" 5793100-V 171.00 96x36x84" 1000 5 4 5792400-V 1194.00 96x36" 5793100-V 171.00 96x36x84" 1000 6 5 5792500-V 1451.00 96x36" 5793100-V 171.00 96x48x84" 1000 4 3 5792600-V 1069.00 96x48" 5793200-V 215.00 96x48x84" 1000 5 4 5792700-V 1362.00 96x48" 5793200-V 215.00 96x48x84" 1000 6 5 5792800-V 1631.00 96x48" 5793200-V 215.00 Shelving & Racks | GRAVITY FLOW SHELVING Five-shelf unit shown with optional wood shelf on upper level. Roller Tracks can be placed in any position along rack levels. Gravity Flow Racks • 50-lbs. per linear foot roller track capacity • Shelf level capacity: 1000 lbs. • Unassembled—includes hardware Roller tracks guide products into position when front items are removed. 14-gauge steel. Each level includes four pairs of roller track and five adjustable box guides/dividers. Levels adjust up or down in 1 1 ⁄ 2 " increments. Upper level can be used for storage with optional wood deck. Maximum capacity for complete unit should not exceed 5000 lbs. Racks can be bolted together to increase depth. Painted blue finish. Made in USA. UNEX Mobile Solid Shelf Flow Shelving • Shelf level capacity: 1000 lbs.; capacity based on evenly distributed loads • Unassembled—hardware included Perfect for lean manufacturing areas, mobile flow shelving can be moved to work cells as needed. Helps improve pick rates by maximizing the use of space and storing items at specific intervals. Galvanized steel shelves will not scratch like painted shelves. Shelves can be adjusted to fit various sized items. 3000-lb. capacity overall. Includes 4" dia. casters (two swivel with brake, two rigid) that bold to posts. Choose either flat shelf or slanted shelf models—52" wide slanted shelf has a 4 1 / 3 " pitch; 76" wide has a 6 1 / 3 " pitch. Made in USA. Slanted shelf model shown.

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