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4 193 B C D G H I E F A Top Storage Area WxDxH Drawer WxDxH Overall WxDxH Stock No. $ 27x17 3 / 4 x5" (2) 12x17 1 / 4 x3" (1) 25 1 / 2 x17 1 / 4 x3" 34x20 3 / 4 x36 3 / 4 " 3213300-S 444.00 Key Description Drawer WxDxH Overall WxDxH* Cap. Lbs. Stock No. $ H 3-Drawer Project Center (1) 22.1x16.75x2" (2) 22.1x16.75x4" 34x20x34.5" 300 8002000-T 234.00 I 5-Drawer Deluxe Project Center (1) 22.1x16.75x2" (2) 22.1x16.75x4" (2) 22.1x16.75x6.1" 34x20x34.5" 300 8001900-S 281.00 Key Description Top Storage Area WxDxH Drawer WxDxH Cap. Lbs. Overall WxDxH Stock No. $ A 8-Drawer Tool Chest 39.2x15.82x2.29" (3) 22.3x14.6x1.9", (1) 22.3x14.6x2.9", (1) 22.3x14.6x4.1" (Left) (2) 11.7x16.4x4.1", (1) 11.7x16.4x6.2" (Right) 500 41x16x20" 8001200-S 631.00 B 11-Drawer Tool Cabinet 39.68x16.4x4.1" (1) 22.3x14.46x1.9", (4) 22.3x14.46x2.9", (1) 22.3x14.46x6.2" (Left) (2) 11.7x16.4x1.9", (2) 11.7x16.4x2.9", (1) 11.7x16.4x12.66" (Right) 700 41x18x37.3" 8001300-S 999.00 C 6-Drawer Tool Chest 25x10.8x3.2" (2) 22.3x10.7x1.9", (1) 22.3x10.7x2.9", (3) 6.65x10.7x1.9" 700 26x12x15.3" 8001400-S 230.00 D 2-Drawer Intermediate Tool Chest — (2) 22.3x14.6x2.9" 100 26x16x10.5" 8001500-S 198.00 E 6-Drawer Tool Cabinet — (2) 22.3x16.4x2.9", (1) 22.3x16.4x5.1", (2) 22.3x16.4x6.2" 400 26.5x18x41" 8001600-T 476.00 F 8-Drawer Tool Chest 39.2x17.57x2.29" (1) 22.37x16.4x1.9", (1) 22.37x16.4x2.9", (2) 22.37x16.4x4.1" (Left) (1) 11.7x16.4x1.9", (1) 11.7x16.4x2.9", (2) 11.7x16.4x4.1" (Right) 600 40.5x18x20" 8001700-S 1015.00 G 11-Drawer Tool Cabinet — (1) 22.37x16.4x1.9", (1) 22.37x16.4x2.9", (3) 22.37x16.4x6.2" (Left) (1) 36.68x16.4x4.1", (1) 11.7x16.4x1.9", (3) 11.7x16.4x2.9", (1) 11.7x16.4x12.66" (Right) 1100 40.5x18x41" 8001800-S 1452.00 Shop Equipment | MOBILE CABINETS Ships same day for 1–3 day delivery Ships 1–5 days Project Centers • Keyed cylinder lock and internal drawer locking system • MDF worksurface Molded tool storage and pegboard side panels offer easy access to tools. Store other small parts and supplies beneath the removable MDF worksurface. Full-extension drawers include ball-bearing drawer slides and drawer liners. Posi-Latch ® latching system assures drawers latch and stay closed. Drawer capacity: 25 lbs. 4" casters. Side panel peg holes accept standard hooks. Model H includes locking storage cabinet with flip-up door. Model I includes UL-approved power strip with 6' cord. Color: black. Made in USA. IN STOCK. Drawer liners included with all tool cabinets on this page. Professional Series Tool Chest and Cabinet • 75-lb. capacity per drawer • Single-point multi-drawer lock High-capacity drawers hold heavy tools and supplies. Drawers feature full-extension ball-bearing slides and include drawer liners. Keyed lock with internal lock bars secures all drawers. Tough, durable internal construction stands up to heavy use. Also includes heavy-duty handles and 5" casters. 7-year limited warranty. Made in USA. IN STOCK. Tool Chests and Cabinets • 50-lb. capacity per drawer • Single-point multi-drawer lock Rugged internal construction offers strength and durability. Drawers extend fully on ball-bearing drawer slides and include drawer liners. Internal keyed locking system secures all drawers. Heavy-duty push handle and cabinet handles ease maneuverability. 4 1 / 2 " casters. (B) includes MDF worksurface. 7-year limited warranty. Made in USA. IN STOCK. Three-Drawer Tool Cart • Single-point multi-drawer lock • Steel worksurface Spacious top compartment features a locking lid that opens smoothly via gas cylinders. Drawers extend fully on ball- bearing slides and include liners to protect tools. Cover stiffener provides extra rigidity. Chrome-plated tubular side handle maneuvers cart on 5" casters, 2 rigid and 2 swivel. Also includes lower storage shelf and drawer labels. Color: black. IN STOCK. *Overall height includes casters.

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